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Awards and deadlines

This table is an attempt to capture some of the deadlines for key SFF anthologies and awards. However, it is in no way comprehensive. There are many awards and anthologies that are not captured. However, we’re always happy to hear of more. Use the contact page to send an update. Include all the fields in the table, please.

UpdatedTypeNameDue dateEditorInfoLink
2021AnthBest Science Fiction of the Year 20xx-11-01
(1 Nov)
Neil ClarkeScience fiction only
Print copies by 1 November, e-copies by 15 November
2021AnthYear's Best Science Fiction20xx-11-01
(1 Nov)
Jonathan StrahanScience fiction in English onlylink
2021AnthBest American Science Fiction and Fantasy20xx-12-01
(1 Dec)
John Joseph AdamsShort story or novelette by American or Canadian citizen or resident, story published in American or Canadian venuelink
2021AnthBest Horror of the Year20xx-12-01
(1 Dec)
Ellen Datlowlink
2021AwardPushcart Prize20xx-12-01
(1 Dec)
Six nominations (print or online) from little magazines and small book press editors throughout the world. Nominations may be any combination of poetry, short stories, essays, memoirs or stand-alone excerpts from novels. Opens 1
2021AwardAurealis Awards20xx-12-14
(14 Dec)
Speculative fiction written by an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Until 14 December. (30 September preferred for works earlier in the year.)
No fee for short stories. $10 fee otherwise.
2021AnthWe're Here20xx-12-31
(31 Dec)
Charles PayseurThe best speculative stories published in 2021 under 17,500 words that implicitly or explicitly explores queerness and/or transnesslink
2021AnthYear's Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy20xx-12-31
(31 Dec)
Marie HodgkinsonScience fiction and fantasy short stories from Aotearoa New Zealand
2021AnthYear's Best Fantasy 20xy-01-01
(1 Jan)
Paula GuranFantasy stories e-mail
2021AnthBest of British SF20xy-01-15Donna ScottSF only.
"For our purposes, 'British' means authors who are resident in the UK or British ex-pats who currently live elsewhere."
2020AwardEndeavour Award
(31 Jan)
Distinguished SCIENCE FICTION or FANTASY BOOK written by a Pacific Northwest author or authors.
Announced at OryCon
2021AwardTheodore Sturgeon Award20xy-02-15Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award
Science fiction (very broadly defined) short stories, novelettes, or novellas originally published in English in a magazine, anthology, website, or other format.
2021AwardWashington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award20xy-03-31
(31 Mar)
Original short fiction works (17,500 words or fewer) of imaginative literature (e.g., science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction or like literature) published by a small press.
2021AwardNebula20xy-02-28Nebula Award
Science fiction and fantasy
2021AwardBSFA Award20xy-NANomination by BSFA member. No self or publisher
2021AwardEugie Award20xz-NAOriginal speculative short fiction of 20,000 words or fewer, published—including in print, ebook, or online, individually, or in a magazine, collection, or anthology—for the first time in the English language in the previous year.
Presented at DragonCon
2021AnthYear's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror20xz-NAPaula GuranDark fantasy and horrore-mail
2021AwardHugo Award20xz-NAScience fiction and fantasy published the previous year
2021AwardAstounding Award20xz-NA(ex-Campell Award)
Given to the best new science fiction or fantasy writer whose first work of science fiction or fantasy was published in a professional publication in the previous two years.
2020AnthYear's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy20xz-NARich HortonHave your publisher (or yourself) send a review copy to the following address: Rich Horton, 653 Yeddo Avenue, Webster Groves, MO, 63119, or inquire further at rrhorton@prodigy.nete-mail
2020AwardSunburst Awards
20xz-NALiterature of the fantastic - less than 7,500 words - by a Canadian author.
Literature of the fantastic - novel, or novel-length short story collection - by a Canadian author.