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Short fiction reviewers

How to read the table:

  • Need – shows how much this venue needs a reviewer.
    • 10 – Venue has no reviewer and could use one.
    • 1 – Venue has lots of reviewers and doesn’t need more.
  •  Regularity:
    • Regular means most or many issues are reviewed – generally at least one per quarter.
    • Occasional means that some issues are reviewed – generally one or two per year.
    • A blank indicates that there is no known reviewer for the venue. You could be the one!
  • Caveats – this is a very imperfect snapshot as of 4 April 2022. See bottom of table for methodology.
VenueVenue siteReviewerReviewer siteRegularityNeed
Andromeda Spacewayswww.andromedaspaceways.com10
Blood Knifebloodknife.com10
Enchanted Conversationwww.fairytalemagazine.com10
Frozen Waveletsfrozenwavelets.com10
Heroic Fantasy Quarterlywww.heroicfantasyquarterly.com10
Little Blue Marblelittlebluemarble.ca10
Neon Hemlockneonhemlock.com10
New Mythsnewmyths.com10
Orion's Beltwww.orions-belt.net10
Planet Scummwww.planetscumm.space10
Proton Readerprotonreader.com10
Sci Phi Journalwww.sciphijournal.org10
The Dread Machinewww.thedreadmachine.com10
Unlikely Storywww.unlikely-story.com10
Arsenikaarsenika.inkLocus / Karen Burnham
Augurauurmag.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Bards and Sageswww.bardsandsages.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Carouselcarouselmagazine.caTor / Alex Brown
Common Tonguewww.commontonguezine.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Curiositiesgallerycurious.comLocus / Rich Horton
Dark Matterdarkmattermagazine.comTor / Alex Brown
Departure Mirrordeparturemirror.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Electric Specwww.electricspec.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Ethereaethereamagazine.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Factor Fourfactorfourmag.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Flash Point SFflashpointsf.comTor / Alex Brown / Karen Burnham / Rich Horton
Lamplight / Alex Brown
Luna Station Haskins
Mithila Reviewmithilareview.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Speculative / Karen Burnham
Tasavvurtasavvurnama.comMaria Haskins
Unchartedwww.unchartedmag.comTor / Alex Brown
Utopiawww.utopiasciencefiction.comTor / Alex Brown
Weird Talesweirdtales.comLocus / Rich Horton
Zooscapezooscape-zine.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Abyss & Apexwww.abyssapexzine.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Abyss & Apexwww.abyssapexzine.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Bourbon Pennwww.bourbonpenn.comLocus / Rich Horton
Conjunctions / Rich Horton
Constelaciónwww.constelacionmagazine.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Constelaciónwww.constelacionmagazine.comTor / Alex Brown
Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shorescosmicrootsandeldritchshores.comTangent
Drabblecastwww.diabolicalplots.comLocus / Charles Payseur
DreamForge Anvildreamforgemagazine.comTangent
Giganotosaurusgiganotosaurus.orgLocus / Charles Payseur
Giganotosaurusgiganotosaurus.orgLocus / Karen Burnham
Metaphorosismagazine.metaphorosis.comTor / Alex Brown
Omenanaomenana.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Omenanaomenana.comTor / Alex Brown
Podcastlepodcastle.orgMaria Haskins
Podcastlepodcastle.orgStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Shoreline of Infinitywww.shorelineofinfinity.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Shoreline of Infinitywww.shorelineofinfinity.comTor / Alex Brown
Speculative Cityspeculativecity.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Speculative Cityspeculativecity.comTor / Alex Brown
Sunday Morning Transportwww.sundaymorningtransport.comMaria Haskins
Translunar Travelers Loungetranslunartravelerslounge.comTor / Alex Brown
Apparition Litapparitionlit.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Apparition Litapparitionlit.comTor / Alex Brown / Karen Burnham
Escape Podescapepod.orgTor / Alex Brown
Escape Podescapepod.orgLocus / Charles Payseur
khōréō www.khoreomag.comLocus / Charles Payseur
khōréō www.khoreomag.comLocus / Karen Burnham
khōréō www.khoreomag.comTor / Alex Brown
Anathemawww.anathemamag.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Anathemawww.anathemamag.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Anathemawww.anathemamag.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Anathemawww.anathemamag.comTor / Alex Brown
Black / Paula Guran
Cast of Wonders castofwonders.orgLocus / Charles Payseur
Cast of Wonders castofwonders.orgMaria Haskins
Cast of Wonders castofwonders.orgTor / Alex Brown
Daily Science Fictiondailysciencefiction.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Daily Science Fictiondailysciencefiction.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Daily Science Fictiondailysciencefiction.comTor / Alex Brown
Fusion Fragmentwww.fusionfragment.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Fusion Fragmentwww.fusionfragment.comLocus / Rich Horton
Fusion Fragmentwww.fusionfragment.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Fusion Fragmentwww.fusionfragment.comTor / Alex Brown
Future SFfuture-sf.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Future SFfuture-sf.comTangent
Future SFfuture-sf.comTor / Alex Brown
Galaxy's Edgewww.galaxysedge.comLocus / Rich Horton
Galaxy's Edgewww.galaxysedge.comMaria Haskins
Galaxy's Edgewww.galaxysedge.comTangent
Hexagonhexagonmagazine.caLocus / Charles Payseur
Hexagonhexagonmagazine.caLocus / Karen Burnham
Hexagonhexagonmagazine.caTor / Alex Brown
Lady Churchill's Rosebud / Paula Guran
Lady Churchill’s Rosebud / Rich Horton
On Speconspec.caLocus / Rich Horton
On Speconspec.caTangent
PseudoPodpseudopod.orgMaria Haskins
PseudoPodpseudopod.orgStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
PseudoPodpseudopod.orgTor / Alex Brown
Reckoningreckoning.pressLocus / Charles Payseur
Reckoningreckoning.pressLocus / Rich Horton
Reckoningreckoning.pressMaria Haskins
Reckoningreckoning.pressTor / Alex Brown
The Darkwww.thedarkmagazine.comLocus / Paula Guran
The Darkwww.thedarkmagazine.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
The Darkwww.thedarkmagazine.comTor / Alex Brown
The Future Firefuturefire.netLocus / Karen Burnham
The Future Firefuturefire.netMaria Haskins
The Future Firefuturefire.netTor / Alex Brown
Analogwww.analogsf.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Analogwww.analogsf.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Analogwww.analogsf.comLocus / Rich Horton
Analogwww.analogsf.comTangent / Karen Burnham / Paula Guran Haskins Horizons / Maria Haskins / Alex Brown
Asimov'swww.asimovs.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Asimov'swww.asimovs.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Asimov'swww.asimovs.comLocus / Rich Horton
Asimov'swww.asimovs.comTor / Alex Brown
Bafflingwww.bafflingmag.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Bafflingwww.bafflingmag.comLocus / Paula Guran
Bafflingwww.bafflingmag.comMaria Haskins
Bafflingwww.bafflingmag.comTor / Alex Brown
Beneath Ceaseless Skiesbeneath-ceaseless-skies.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Beneath Ceaseless Skiesbeneath-ceaseless-skies.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Beneath Ceaseless Skiesbeneath-ceaseless-skies.comMaria Haskins
Beneath Ceaseless Skiesbeneath-ceaseless-skies.comTangent
Beneath Ceaseless Skiesbeneath-ceaseless-skies.comTor / Alex Brown
Clarkesworldwww.clarkesworldmagazine.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Clarkesworldwww.clarkesworldmagazine.comMaria Haskins
Clarkesworldwww.clarkesworldmagazine.comTor / Alex Brown
Diabolical Plotswww.diabolicalplots.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Diabolical Plotswww.diabolicalplots.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Diabolical Plotswww.diabolicalplots.comMaria Haskins
Diabolical Plotswww.diabolicalplots.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Diabolical Plotswww.diabolicalplots.comTor / Alex Brown
F& / Charles Payseur
F& / Rich Horton
F& Haskins
F& Horizons / Maria Haskins
F& / Alex Brown
Fantasywww.fantasy-magazine.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Fantasywww.fantasy-magazine.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Fantasywww.fantasy-magazine.comLocus / Paula Guran
Fantasywww.fantasy-magazine.comMaria Haskins
Fantasywww.fantasy-magazine.comTor / Alex Brown
FIYAHwww.fiyahlitmag.comLocus / Charles Payseur
FIYAHwww.fiyahlitmag.comLocus / Karen Burnham
FIYAHwww.fiyahlitmag.comMaria Haskins
FIYAHwww.fiyahlitmag.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
FIYAHwww.fiyahlitmag.comTor / Alex Brown
Flash Fiction Onlinewww.flashfictiononline.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Flash Fiction Onlinewww.flashfictiononline.comLocus / Paula Guran
Flash Fiction Onlinewww.flashfictiononline.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Flash Fiction Onlinewww.flashfictiononline.comTangent
Kaleidotropekaleidotrope.netLocus / Charles Payseur
Kaleidotropekaleidotrope.netStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Kaleidotropekaleidotrope.netTor / Alex Brown
Lightspeedwww.lightspeedmagazine.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Lightspeedwww.lightspeedmagazine.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Lightspeedwww.lightspeedmagazine.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Lightspeedwww.lightspeedmagazine.comTor / Alex Brown
Nightmarewww.nightmare-magazine.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Nightmarewww.nightmare-magazine.comLocus / Paula Guran
Nightmarewww.nightmare-magazine.comMaria Haskins
Nightmarewww.nightmare-magazine.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Nightmarewww.nightmare-magazine.comTor / Alex Brown
Strange Horizonswww.strangehorizons.comLocus / Charles Payseur
Strange Horizonswww.strangehorizons.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Strange Horizonswww.strangehorizons.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Strange Horizonswww.strangehorizons.comTangent
Strange Horizonswww.strangehorizons.comTor / Alex Brown
The Deadlandsthedeadlands.comLocus / Karen Burnham
The Deadlandsthedeadlands.comLocus / Paula Guran
The Deadlandsthedeadlands.comMaria Haskins
The Deadlandsthedeadlands.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
The Deadlandsthedeadlands.comTor / Alex Brown
Tor.comtor.comLocus / Karen Burnham
Tor.comtor.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Tor.comtor.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Tor.comtor.comTor / Alex Brown
Uncannyuncannymagazine.comLocus / Paula Guran
Uncannyuncannymagazine.comLocus / Rich Horton
Uncannyuncannymagazine.comStrange Horizons / Maria Haskins
Uncannyuncannymagazine.comTor / Alex Brown


This is a highly imperfect table aiming simply to capture regular, formal reviews of SFF magazines. Essentially, I took the following steps:

  • On 4 April 2022
  • Looked at or contacted known reviewers*:
    • Maria Haskins
    • Charles Payseur
    • Locus magazine
    • Tangent Online
  • Assigned a Regular or Occasional rating based on how often stories from the venue showed up in the most recent several months of reviews from that reviewer at that location.**
  • Valued a Regular reviewer at 2 points, and an Occasional reviewer at 1 point.*** Added up all points (max was 11). Divided 8 by each venue’s points. Those with no reviews were scored 10. This intentionally flattens and emphasizes the end points – those with no few and many reviewers.


* This only takes into account the principal regular reviewers I though of. I’m sure there are more. It does include Rich Horton, though he’s stepped back from reviews. It does not include Charles Payseur’s Quick Sips Reviews, since he’s largely moved to Locus.

** This is a very rough gauge and only goes back a few months. It leaves out venues I know to have closed, even if they had reviews during that period.

*** There are many ways to do this, and no doubt better ways. I started with 3 points for a Regular reviewer, but felt that emptied out the middle too much. I did want venues with no or few reviews to stand out as more needy. I’d like Metaphorosis to get more reviews, but we score a 4 on this scale, whereas I think we should stand higher. But I felt this was good enough for a start.

This is a very rough cut, and not very efficiently made (I’d welcome someone presenting it better), but I do think it’s a valuable start.